Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos

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Grande Shores Amenities

With so many amenities contained in just one North Myrtle Beach resort, you and your guests will have trouble deciding what to do first on your North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina vacation. To begin with, having the perks of your North Myrtle Beach condo, which include a full kitchen, wireless Internet access, a private balcony and on-site laundry facilities will free you up to enjoy the real reason you planned a North Myrtle Beach getaway—fun in the sun! The biggest draw in North Myrtle Beach is, of course, the beach—and miles of it stretch out before Grande Shores. Whether you just want to admire the glorious ocean views or want to dive headlong into the waves, there is nothing like spending time on the oceanfront. Some of the best North Myrtle Beach memories are made during lazy days on the beach. Mom and dad can relax while the kids make sandcastles or collect seashells. Young (or old!) lovers can stroll hand in hand down the beach. Teens can grab boogie boards and ride the waves. The possibilities are endless!


When you and your guests feel the need to get out of the sand, take a quick rinse off in the outdoor shower provided at Grande Shores and head for the pool. Or pools, actually, this North Myrtle Beach resort has two outdoor swimming pools and even an indoor pool for cool days. Take a break and settle into a comfy lounge chair and enjoy a sweet tea as you catch up on your reading and watch your kids frolic in the kiddie pool. Maybe your muscles are sore from all of that beach volleyball—take a soothing soak in the bubbly hot tub and work out the kinks. All of you will enjoy a meandering ride in an inner tube down the winding lazy river at this North Myrtle Beach resort. For the ultimate in vacationing, head up to the rooftop bar and sip on a tropical beverage while catching some rays! Heaven!!



These are not all of the amenities offered at Grande Shores. You will not have to worry about getting your workouts in while on your North Myrtle Beach vacation, just downstairs from your North Myrtle Beach vacation rental is a fitness room with the latest in exercise equipment. Even though North Myrtle Beach is famous for its pancake houses, oceanfront dining and seafood buffets you can either prepare meals in the handy kitchen of your North Myrtle Beach condo or take advantage of the restaurant that is on the premises of this North Myrtle Beach resort.

What more could you ask for in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina vacation accommodations? With its fabulous oceanfront location, all the comforts of home, unlimited water park activities, fitness center, restaurant and on-site laundry facilities, Grand Shores has it all. Reserve one of these one or two bedroom North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina vacation!